Can I order a Design Kit?

Unfortunately, the demand for kits was more than we anticipated. So, rather than have you order one and wait a while, we have suspended the program until we can get back on track with enough kits for everyone who wants to borrow one.

What is the Leather Sample Design Kit?

Our Design Kit takes the guesswork out of ordering Quoddy shoes online. It contains labeled samples of Horween® leathers, suedes, Auburn® Rawhide laces and eyelets. It ships to you as soon as possible. Hang on to it for up to 5 days. When you’re finished designing your made-to-order shoes, just place everything in the box, affix the prepaid label and mail it back to us.

Why do I need to send the kit back to you?

The leather sample design kit is a free service available to all customers to make the design process easier- we know that pixels on a screen don’t do the beautiful materials justice. We are happy to provide this service, but ask that you return them promptly so that another Quoddy customer can share in the experience. Just use the pre-paid label and send it back to us.

Are there any other leathers or laces that are available beyond what is posted on the website or in the design kit?

Our most popular leathers are listed under each shoe on the detail page-- and included in the Design Kit. However, if you are searching for a specific color or type, we can usually do our best to accommodate you as we often have small amounts of unique colors and prints.