How do i pick the appropriate length for me?

We suggest you survey the size of your most comfortable shoes and use this as a starting point. The most universal brands are Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. As a rule of thumb, size down ½ a size from a Nike shoe - for example, if you run in a Nike size 10, order a Quoddy size 9 ½. In the case of adidas or New Balance, go with the same size you are currently wearing.

Can I trace my foot and get sized by you?

Yes. Trace your foot and use this sizing chart for size conversion. If your measurement indicates a smaller size than the running shoe comparison, always go with the larger size; more room is always better than not enough.

I have a narrow or wide foot. What width should I choose?

All Quoddy shoes are built with moccasin construction-- your foot is surrounded by just leather and stitching. This construction is naturally very accommodating to the width of your foot, so a standard width usually works very well. However, if you normally wear shoes that are very narrow or very wide, please use the below table:


Your current shoe Width

Recommended Quoddy Width Selection

Mens B Narrow

C Narrow

Mens EE, EEE




Womens A, AA


Womens D, E



What can be done if the length of my shoe is correct but they still feel a bit tight?

If you need to have your shoes repaired or adjusted and it's past 30 days from delivery, please visit our Resoling & Repairs section or get in touch with us to arrange something specific.